Keep all yours Passwords in a Database

MultiPassWord is a free of charge solution (Freeware) to help centralized management of passwords. It keeps all your passwords in a single encrypted file (256 bits). There is no storage outside your computer, so no conservation on any Web server or unallocated file. This file may be associated with a safe. It is then accessed by a unique password that should not be forgotten (master password).

Via a master and simplified graphical user interface, you classify your data in tree categories for easy retrieval. The passwords of the database can be printed or exported into Excel, text, HTML or XML. The software can be installed via a standard procedure (setup) or used in mobility mode (called ToGo) on a USB stick for example, to use directly the executable.

Warning: the unique password, allowing the opening of a MultiPassWord database is not stored on your computer or on any website. It is not possible to reset and therefore you restore it if you forget it!

Password Database is a Single File

The password database is stored to file. That is to say that Base is a single file on the hard disk of your Windows workstation, on a conventional network drive (shared as \\machine\folder\) or a dedicated network folder, such that the Cloud Storage from suppliers: DropBox,, SkyDrive, Google Drive, etc. You can complete your Cloud Storage folder with a solution of encryption, such as BoxCryptor. This will maximize the security of your MultiPassWord database.

One MultiPassWord database must be accessible via Windows explorer, to allow opening from the software. Once database opened Open Database, the changes are immediately recorded during validation, such as adding a password, deleting a password, changing the icon and color of a Category, etc.

This video shows the software installation on Windows Seven. Setup program starts from non English configuration, but user shows how to switch fom current Windows language to English.

General Operation

The organization of the database is built as a tree containing both properties (some choice of operation) and data (passwords). On the left, the tree is directly visible from the Graphical User Interface software. Simply select an item (node) of the tree to cause a specific view on the right part of the GUI.

MultiPassWord allows to generate identifiers or electronic keys, to assist in the definition of a word more difficult invitation to perceive it. Each password is assessed to indicate their level of relevance. This evaluation is based on the number of characters and their wealth: uppercase, lowercase and numbers. A more complex password will have a better appreciation (rank).

To add a password, simply select a category (or Folder) present in the main category tree Category. The right area provides an interface input, to characterize the password: the title (required); a username (login); a password shown in hidden mode; a web link; an annotation; etc. If you forget to add or update of the input fields, a prompt to confirm whether the cancellation of seizures.

Screenshot of main user interface: from the software, click one of the tree elements on left to display data on right.
MultiPassWord Main Screen