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On this page is proposed the list of software developed by BLQ-software and available for download. Some software is only in French language. To work with the software, you will need .NET Framework 4.5 or higher

Freeware List

Shareware List

Logo StockPosition FreewareStock Position
StockPosition Information Icon StockPosition Download Icon

Management of the inventories, with the primary objective of determining/controlling stock levels within the physical distribution system, functions to balance the need for product availability against the need for minimizing stock holding and handling costs.

Logo Stock Conso SharewareStock Conso Stock Conso French Page
Stock Conso shareware Information Icon Stock Conso shareware Download Icon Stock Conso shareware Gallery Icon Stock Conso shareware Buy-it Icon

Management monitoring of inputs and outputs in relation to an inventory (or stocklist) for components, supplies and any monitoring of consumption.

Logo MultiPassWord FreewareMultiPassWord
MultiPassWord Information Icon MultiPassWord Download Icon

Management of user passwords, to keep all passwords in a single and encrypted file through a simplified and graphical user interface.

Logo Messages EditorMessages Editor
Messages Editor Information Icon Messages Editor Download Icon

Assistance to edit and translate text from software on this page or other solution.

Logo Contact Manager FreewareContact Manager
Contact Manager freeware Information Icon Contact Manager freeware Download Icon

Free edition of the Address Book for Contacts management associated with functions of data import, multimedia links, notes and postal codes management.

Logo Contact Manager SharewareContact Manager
Contact Manager shareware Information Icon Contact Manager shareware Download Icon Contact Manager shareware Buy-it Icon

Help in the advanced management of address books (Contact and Company) associated with functions of data import, multimedia links, notes and postal codes management. The software also incorporates a billing solution (quote, order, invoice, delivery, etc.).

Logo File Checksum Tool FreewareFile Checksum Utility
File Checksum Utility Information Icon File Checksum Utility Download Icon File Checksum Utility Gallery Icon

From a selected file, this software calculates several hash values (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, ...). Result could be stored in a dedicated file (XML, HTML, CSV, TEXT, ...). It does not require Windows installation. User executes it directly from the only one exe file. Windows .NET package is mandatory to launch this tool.

Logo small Image QuantifierInstant Quantifier Instant Quantifier French Page
Instant Quantifier shareware Information Icon Instant Quantifier shareware Download Icon

Helps individual quantification of activities, in self mode or teamwork in a collaborative approach.

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